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Quick Q&A: Diana Albrecht, Tartan gymnastics

By Star Tribune, 04/06/13, 5:03PM CDT


She is an Athena Award winner.

Quick Q&A





On winning the Athena Award: It’s definitely an honor. I switched schools in ninth grade to go to Tartan to do gymnastics. I think my coach had this award in mind the whole time because she used to ask me to do other sports to increase my chances of winning it.


What was your previous school? I was at Minnehaha Academy until ninth grade. But they didn’t have gymnastics and I wanted to get back into it.


Was it tough going from a private to a public school? At first it was. the first few months, I remember crying a lot. It was so big and I didn’t know anyone. Being in gymnastics helped. I made a ton of friends.


Glad you changed schools? I can’t imagine being at Minnehaha Academy any more.


What other sports to do you do? Track and field. I pole vault and also run the 100 and 200.


Does gymnastics help with pole vaulting? It really does. When I first went out for track, the coach asked if there were any gymnasts or divers. I said “I am.” He said, “OK, you’re a pole vaulter.”


Best gymnastics moment: At our conference meet, our best gymnast, Mikayla Bugge, dislocated her elbow. She is like a little sister to me. I didn’t think I could compete without her support. But I thought, “This is your last conference meet. Do your best, no matter what happens.” And I went out and won the vault and the balance beam.

James Paulsen

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