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Park gymnast aspires to no regrets

By Star Tribune, 12/25/11, 11:11AM CST


Baylee Erickson

Quick Q-and-A with Park High School gymnast Baylee Erickson.

Most memorable moment as a high school athlete so far? Winning [the] sections and going to state last year.

First memory in gymnastics: The first day I started, I was surprised how high I was placed into a level.

Gymnastics is ... One of the most mental sports out there. You have to have [the right] mindset before you throw big skills.

To get prepared for a meet, I: Make sure I set my mind on what I want to accomplish for the meet.

One small tip before a big meet: Relax and have fun!

What is running through your mind as you get ready for a routine? I picture my routine in my head before I perform and also I just tell myself to breathe.

What team or opponent really motivates you? Roseville! There has always been competition between [our] two teams because we are usually very close in our scores.

What aspect of practice makes you groan? When the coaches tell us to do more than one full routine.

One sacrifice during the season: Definitely giving up a lot of my social life. And sleep.

If you couldn't be a gymnast, what would you do? I've always wanted to be a dancer.

Biggest inspiration? Myself. This is my last year. I don't want any regrets when I leave.


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