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Star Tribune gymnastics metro honor roll for week of March 8-13

By JIM PAULSEN, Star Tribune, 03/08/21, 5:15PM CST


The final listing of the season includes gymnasts with the top reported event scores in the metro as of March 14.

Annika Lee of Park Center, competing in the 2020 gymnastics state meet. (Star Tribune file photo)

The top reported event scores in the metro so far through March 14.

Adreanna Willodson, Anoka 38.25
Hannah Maccarone, Eagan 38.1
Kaitlyn Nguyen, Lakeville North 37.975
Katie Johnson, Champlin Park 37.925
Annika Lee, Park Center 37.8
Claire O’Gorman, Forest Lake 37.675
Grace Squires, White Bear Lake 37.625
Reagan Kelley, WM/MW 37.6
Keely Sisco, Forest Lake 37.575
Anna Mielke, WM/MW 37.4
Britney Krumrei, Big Lake 37.3
Abby Rekstad, Elk River 37.2
Sasha Arne, Wayzata 37.125
Sasha Thompson, Maple Grove 37.1
Izzy Hayden, Wayzata 36.95
Annabelle Speers, Hopkins 36.9
Dakota Esget, North Branch 36.825
Allie Frank, St. Francis 36.825
Avery Doman, Rosemount 36.75
Laci Lorinser, Cambridge-Isanti 36.7
Paige Bauer, North Branch 36.675
Audrey Noha, Centennial 36.65
Nora Bates, Stillwater 36.575
Elena Cantwell, Minnetonka 36.5
Laci Leverty, Cambridge-Isanti 36.5
Annie Hjelle, Anoka 36.475
Molly Hedden, Buffalo 36.45
Katelyn McDowell, Stillwater 36.3
Lauren Provoncha, Anoka 36.25
Claudia Stipe, Chisago Lakes 36.25

Hannah Maccarone, Eagan 9.775
Claire O’Gorman, Forest Lake 9.7
Anna Mielke, WM/MW 9.625
Annika Lee, Park Center 9.6
Adreanna Willodson, Anoka 9.6
Paige Bauer, North Branch 9.55
Katelyn McDowell, Stillwater 9.55
Abby Rekstad, Elk River 9.525
Molly Hedden, Buffalo 9.5
Britney Krumrei, Big Lake 9.5
Keely Sisco, Forest Lake 9.5
T. Beyioku-Alase, Champlin Pk 9.475
Molly Hedden, Buffalo 9.475
Laci Leverty, Cambridge-Is. 9.475
Kaitlyn Nguyen, Lakeville North 9.475
Annabelle Speers, Hopkins 9.475
Grace Brandt, StA/SLP 9.45
Katie Johnson, Champlin Pk 9.425
Katelyn McDowell, Stillwater 9.425
Kendall Rogers, Stillwater 9.425
Erin Singsank, WM/MW 9.425
Izzy Hayden, Wayzata 9.4
Liberty Quast, Stillwater 9.4
Jennifer Riley, Blaine 9.4
Rosie Unglaub, WM/MW 9.4

Claire O’Gorman, Forest Lake 9.55
Grace Squires, White Bear Lake 9.55
Lola Visci, Big Lake 9.55
Annabelle Speers, Hopkins 9.5
Annika Lee, Park Center 9.475
Laci Lorinser, Cambridge-Isanti 9.475
Hannah Maccarone, Eagan 9.475
Adreanna Willodson, Anoka 9.475
Abby Palmer, Maple Grove 9.45
Ashley Peterson, Stillwater 9.45
Keely Sisco, Forest Lake 9.45
Kaitlyn Nguyen, Lakeville North 9.4
Erica Stanton, Stillwater 9.4
Katie Johnson, Champlin Park 9.375
Avery Doman, Rosemount 9.35
Emma Saksa, Champlin Park 9.325
Abbey Bush, Mahtomedi 9.275
Reagan Kelly, WM/MW 9.225
Sophia Hoang, Eden Prairie 9.15
Sasha Arne, Wayzata 9.1
Dakota Esget, North Branch 9.1
Isabel Furness, Eagan 9.1
Emma Callahan, Minnetonka 9.075
Erica Stanton, Stillwater 9.4
Laci Leverty, Cambridge-Is. 9.05
Olivia Seigler, Eden Prairie 9.05
Erin Singsank, WM/MW 9.05

Anna Mielke, WM/MW 9.75
Kaitlyn Nguyen, Lakeville North 9.725
Reagan Kelly, WM/MW 9.675
Abby Rekstad, Elk River 9.675
Katie Johnson, Champlin Park 9.6
Ashley Peterson, Stillwater 9.6
Allie Frank, St. Francis 9.55
Annie Hjelle, Anoka 9.55
Laci Lorinser, Cambridge-Isanti 9.55
Sasha Thompson, Maple Grove 9.55
Sasha Arne, Wayzata 9.5
Grace Squires, White Bear Lake 9.5
Adreanna Willodson, Anoka 9.5
Britney Krumrei, Big Lake 9.475
Katelyn McDowell, Stillwater 9.45
Audrey Noha, Centennial 9.45
Keely Sisco, Forest Lake 9.45
Zoey Johnson, Elk River 9.4
Annika Lee, Park Center 9.4
Maggie McCabe, WM/MW 9.4
Lauren Rodriguez, East Ridge 9.4
Grace Brandt, St. Anthony/SLP 9.375
Evelyn Johnson, Stillwater 9.375
Lauren Provoncha, Anoka 9.375
Paige Bauer, North Branch 9.35
Laney Gunderson, White Bear Lake 9.35
Hannah Maccarone, Eagan 9.35
Kendall Rogers, Stillwater 9.325
Nora Bates, Stillwater 9.35
Maren Merrick Melberg, Anoka 9.3
Claire O’Gorman, Forest Lake 9.3
Jaelyn Sorenson, Elk River 9.3

Sasha Thompson, Maple Grove 9.775
Adreanna Willodson, Anoka 9.725
Annika Lee, Park Center 9.675
Claire O’Gorman, Forest Lake 9.65
Anna Mielke, WM/MW 9.6
Elena Cantwell, Minnetonka 9.55
Britney Krumrei, Big Lake 9.55
Kaitlyn Nguyen, Lakeville North 9.55
Rosie Unglaub, WM/MW 9.55
Katie Johnson, Champlin Park 9.525
Grace Squires, White Br Lake 9.525
T. Beyioku-Alase, Champlin Park 9.5
Grace Gerard, Blaine 9.5
Laci Leverty, Cambridge-Isanti 9.5
Hannah Maccarone, Eagan 9.5
Ashley Peterson, Stillwater 9.5
Abby Rekstad, Elk River 9.5
Jaelyn Sorenson, Elk River 9.5
Sasha Arne, Wayzata 9.475
Annabelle Speers, Hopkins 9.475
Anja Gilbert, WM/MW 9.45
Reagan Kelley, WM/MW 9.45
Keely Sisco, Forest Lake 9.45
Dakota Esget, North Branch 9.425
Annie Hjelle, Anoka 9.4
Savannah Huber, Mahtomedi 9.4
Nora Bates, Stillwater 9.375
Laney Gunderson, White Br Lk 9.375
Grace Kluk, Big Lake 9.375
Audrey Noha, Centennial 9.375
Torie Trevena, Hopkins 9.375

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